Italian Air Force aircrafts

Hand painted wall plaques and metal magnets for the Italian Air Force

Since 2013 we are the official licensee of the Aeronautica Militare, the Italian Air Force.
Among other products, we made a limited series of hand-painted wall plaques depicting the "Aeronautica" aircrafts.

The series has 27 wooden wall plaques and 34 magnets representing the entire Italian Air Force aircraft fleet accompanied by the coats of arms of the departments and corps.
Each wall plaque comes with its own box and a brief history of the aircraft depicted.

Here are some of the drawings used to prepare the metal molds.

Italian Air Force aircrafts

Wall plaques

We entirely manufacture the wall plaques in our factory in Pianezza (near Torino, Italy) - from design to production.
They consist of a 25x17 cm, 14 mm thick, wooden base and some hand-colored metal plates which are made through the process of silicon molding.

Complete collection (Italian website)

Fridge Magnets

The fridge magnets are also made in our factory in Pianezza.

They're 5-6 cm long (depending on the shape) and they're also hand-painted.

Complete collection (Italian website)


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